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April 9, 2008

Warrior School.

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Warrior School is a tough place.

I have learned fast, I have to if I want to be the best.

I have learned that MHM wants me to hunt for him. I must hunt to find his prey. I can bring the prey down but we do not kill it. I still find this to be unusual. Why hunt but not kill ? These are the skills I was blessed with. These are the skills handed down to me.

You humans have lost the skills to hunt. Things are too easy for you. You have become soft, complacent. This is a big word for a dog. You do not need the skills you once had because your lives have become soft, easy and comfortable. You do not need to catch your food. I do not have to catch my food, I could and I could do it well, but MHM brings my food. I respect him. Itis a shame that you humans do not have the same respect for each other that I have for MHM.

I have learned that I can hunt the prey by following their scent on the ground. I can also hunt them by their scent being blown on the air.

I have shown I can defend myself when other humans threaten me and can bring them down when they run off to escape. These are the easy parts of warrior training for me. I am a natural, apparently. I don’t know what this means.

I find the things that MHM calls the pretty stuff hardest. This is boring, no hunting at all. The others do this well but I want to hunt, I want to chase.

We have been to a place that MHM calls a school. Itis full of small and immature humans. They act like they are dominant but the adult humans at the school do not punish their disrespect. We canines learn through play, we learn what is right and wrong. Trust me, you do not want to be wrong. You humans do things dfferently, your rules constantly change. No wonder your small humans are confused. They do not know how to behave.  Within this place known as a school some of the larger of the small humans show obvious signs of disrespect and bully the smaller humans. They do this in groups because they are not confident. This was a test to see how I behaved. I did well, I did not bite any of these small humans. Some of them needed this, they have no behavioural boundaries, they need to know their place and show respect. Unless they are taught how will they learn. What sort of humans will they become.

We have been to places where there were lots of adult humans. They walk fast, with purpose, but do not look around, do not look at each other, not even at me. I don’t know who has this territory, there are no obvious alphas but these people just kept on coming. The Alphas must not be territorial. There are more humans that I have ever seen before. These were places where buses and trains come according to MHM. They were very loud and dirty. They belched dark smoke like monsters. These monsters did not scare me. MHM was pleased.

The next few weeks will be tough according to MHM. This is when I must learn to respond to him quickly. I sense that the games are over. Now we will be playing, for real. 



  1. Keep it coming!

    Comment by John — April 30, 2008 @ 3:33 am

  2. I blog rolled this blog as well. I can just picture that dog. How very different a life he has from my Lab. My Doberman (that has sadly passed a few years now) would have loved to do this job. I loved being out on a walk with him. No one gave me any problems. He was a gentle giant that dog.

    Comment by Chyrsalis — May 11, 2008 @ 10:49 am

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