This End Bites

May 3, 2008

So it begins.

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We have been on the move for ages, so it seems. The small den in the back of the van MHM drives us around in has little sign of what awaits in the outside world. I hear lots of noises but I can see very little. Occasionally a face appears at the back, looking. I don’t know what these faces expect to see. I tell them to back off, they are invading my space. They always jump back. Don’t know what they expect to be in the back of a dog van, perhaps something else. It says Dogs on the back, or so I am led to believe, we have to announce our presence to the world to give them a chance. This is wrong but I don’t make the rules around here.

The noise on this radio thingy is sometimes deafening. The sound made by the human on the other end is different. The voice sounds of stress and excitement. MHM talks into his radio and he also displays a state of mild arousal. We might be going off hunting soon.

We drive somewhere very quickly and stop. The sounds of those wailer things is uncomfortable. I do not understand why they should be so loud, MHM is not deaf. Itis quiet again. We move again, quickly and with the wailer accompanying our moves. We move a bit and then stop, move a bit and then stop.

Now I can tell something is going to happen. The tone in the voice of MHM as he talks has changed. We move again. The other voices I hear have a high arousal state. The friends of MHM are hunting something, I hope they cannot catch whatever it is. We move again, this time without the wailing, quickly, there is an urgent tone in the voice of MHM. He is shouting at people. We stop suddenly, with a lurch and a jolt. I hear the voice of MHM, he is shouting at someone, this could be it.

The back door of the den opens quickly and I am led out by MHM. The people he was shouting at are dressed in the same type of clothing but with less mud and den hair. They are brightly coloured, they could not hide if they tried. They are as bright as the sun.

MHM takes me to a high fence. I could never climb this but MHM is clever. He is able to lift the bottom of the fence so I can get under. There is a smell that I recognise. The smell of someone who has been this way very, very recently, lets go.

MHM struggles to get under the fence. If only he took off all that stuff he wears he would be able to hunt far more effectively. I wish he would just let me go, I can do this. He joins me, eventually. I am put into the strap thing and attached to a long line. I have to hunt on the ground. MHM leads me along the fence but it is not this way, it is the other way. Off we go.

I am able to work out where someone has landed on the ground from a great height. This must be someone who can jump, the fence is much higher than MHM.  I can smell the scent so I follow, away from the road, up the grassy bank into some undergrowth. This is fresh, this is very recent, my prey will not be far away.

Through the undergrowth, then we hit an even higher fence. No going over or under this. I follow the track of my prey along the fence and then back towards the road into some more cover, small trees. Ideal for evasion but easy for me to get to. I get there, it is heavily overgrown around the trees. My prey is here, I cannot see but boy can I smell. He is here, I can smell his fear, he is mine now.

I shout at him to come out as MHM has told me. He does not move. I tell him to come out or I shall come in and get him.  I have heard MHM talk about an introduction to canine dentistry. I don’t know what this means.

I continue to shout and there suddenly is movement and I can see two legs, covered in brambles and I can hear a pathetic voice. The body attached to the voice stands up, I can see the fear in his eyes, I can smell the fear, his arousal state is at its highest. He is my bitch now.

MHM holds me by the collar and shouts at the man and I shout as well. The man puts his arms into the air to show his soft underbelly. He is vulnerable. All his vitals are on show for me, he has submitted. I am disappointed but MHM still shouts. We lead the man out, he keeps looking around to look at me. I could do him as easily as crushing grass. He knows this, I know this, it feels great.

We lead him back to the high fence and he crawls underneath to the friends of MHM who wear the sunshine clothes. They put something on his wrists to stop him waving his arms about and he begins to shout, he is threatening but I don’t understand this at all.

Why did he not threaten me ? Why does he threaten everyone else and even me when he is behind the fence with everyone else. This is strange.  His eyes give away his secret. He is full of shite and false bravado. He seems to know that he is safe. No harm will come to him yet he continues to challenge those around him. He is not any sort of alpha, he is a coward.

A crowd begin to gather, they look threatening, I will bark at them to keep them away. Anyone who gets to close will have some.

I enjoyed today.  It has begun.


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  1. Fantaticaly written. i especially like the bit regarding the “brave cuffs” why is it they always become brave when wearring them but not before.

    Comment by Floyd and Daves Dad — May 26, 2008 @ 7:46 pm

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