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May 24, 2008

Understanding humans.

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My den is in the garden of the place occupied by MHM. This is my place. Only MHM goes there, only MHM is allowed in there. He is the Alpha in this territory.

I am not like the companion canines, who have no rules, who do as they please and control their human masters. They are in charge. They are liberty takers. They need to be taught a lesson but their human masters do not do this. We expect humans to treat us like canines but you expect us to behave like humans, where the rules and boundaries constantly change.

We operate in strict ways, for the benefit and survival of the pack. Everyone is important and everyone has their role to play. It is easy and everyone understands.

You humans have it wrong. You allow disobedience and disrespectful behaviour to go unpunished. You do not teach your children to hunt and how to behave in a way to benefit the survival of the pack. The survival of the pack is not important to you, not as important as it should be. The strength of the pack is what makes survival easier for everyone.

We have been out in the dark, MHM and me. We are hunters, that is how it should be.

Within the pack we have the hunters, the stalkers, the trackers. Together we make things work and we are successful. Together we are strong. Our leaders lead, with purpose, towards our survival.

Today we have hunted but we have not had the usual type of hunt. Today was a hunt for those who are weak and easy prey. Today we just found. MHM was still pleased, and told me this. We have found the weak, we have found those who have been lost and are at risk. They are special. I have no idea what this means but MHM is pleased and we have done well.

These people are different, they are afraid, I can sense their fear.  They offer no threat to me. They are vulnerable and easy prey but MHM offers them protection.  He does not even know them. They should have their own pack to protect them and look after them. Old humans should have respect, they have been responsible for the success of the pack when they were young and strong and have been leaders in the past. They have earned this.

I am still struggling to understand humans. You make everything so complicated.



  1. Great set of posts.
    Please keep them coming.

    Comment by 2 Robins — May 24, 2008 @ 4:41 pm

  2. I’m loving this blog mate, just say what you, sorry Mr Landshark sees!!

    Comment by metcountymounty — May 25, 2008 @ 9:32 pm

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