This End Bites

May 28, 2008

A Different Perspective.

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This thing that MHM drives about is swerving sharply, slowing severely, moving off quickly, cornering with a real purpose. The blaring sounds of the wailing thing is accompanied by the flashing blue things that hurt my eyes. I am being thrown about from side to side. It is enough to give one a bad head. How do you humans think with all this noise.

The sounds of humans shouting on this thing that MHM calls the radio, or the big air, is deafening. People are in a high state of excitement. It appears that some of the others who wear the similar cloth to MHM  are hunting. They are chasing and MHM is also in on the hunt. He is hoping for his own hunt. I am hoping for my part in this. I just know there is a chance when this sort of stuff happens. I begin to bark to tell MHM that I am ready. Just let me out.

Still it goes on. Stop, start, turn around and head off somewhere else. Stop again. The noise, the lights, this must be one hell of a chase.

Suddenly we are off again, this time fast. This time is different. MHM is shouting into this radio thing. His excitement level is high. This could be it. 

We stop with a sudden and screeching halt. MHM is out, I can hear him shouting at one of the other hunters. He must be asking them to let me have a go. I can do this better than any of the humans.

So many questions. Why does he waste time with all these questions ? Perhaps they are important ?

MHM runs back to the van and I hear the chink of the buckles. We are going hunting. We are going tracking. I can’t wait.

I am out, on the ground and I begin to sniff the floor. MHM struggles with me but gets the harness on. Just let me go, I can do this.

We are on tarmac, there are white lines. There are smells on the ground. There have been more than one human this way. 

I follow the smells of the humans. One is different. It is the smell of the chase. The smell of fear at being caught. The smell of unwashed clothing and body odour. I can distinguish this from the other humans scent. I follow from the tarmac onto to concrete pavement and through an opening into the grass at the front of a human den. The smell comes back onto the concrete ground and continues away from where I started. Now there is only one smell. The smell of my prey.

I continue to follow this smell along the front of a line of human dens. The wind is from my side and the scent of the prey is carried through the gaps into the front cover ares that front the dens. I can tell that my prey is not in these areas. I check one, then two, then three, four and five have barriers. Six and seven have no barriers but there scent is not in areas of cover. Eight and the scent goes through the opening and into an area of concealment. This is not a good place to hide.

I can smell my prey. The breeze spins of the front wall of the den and he is in there, trying to be invisible in the undergrowth. I can hear him breathing. I can hear his heart beating. He is mine.

Before I bark, I growl to let my prey know that I am there. I begin to bark because that is what MHM has told me I must do. MHM begins to shout at our prey telling to stay on the floor. Suddenly there is a flurry of noise. Humans are moving about inside the den where we are. Humans are running nearby, they are approaching. The noises of their radios tell me they are friendly. I tell them to stay away as I have not yet finished. There may be a threat. There may be an attempt to escape. As our prey crawls out from his futile attempt at concealment MHM shines his bright lightstick into his face. I don’t know why he does this. I want to see him, to see him looking at me. To see his eyes. His eyes will tell me his story, will tell me lots of things. Now he will see nothing. I can smell it but cannot see it in his eyes.

Some of the other hunters arrive, I tell them to keep away, this one is mine. We have hunted and MHM has given our prize to the other hunters. Without me they would not have found him.

I go into the bushes, into the hide and there are other things. They smell of our prey. I lie down and await the appearance of MHM within the bushes. He seems pleased, but not as pleased as just now. He talks to one of his friends and we return to where we began the hunt.

MHM begins to scratch things in the front, talking to himself as he does so. The radio thing is very noisy. I listen to the voice and it is clear that we are off for another hunt. Perhaps I will get a better chance next time. Suddenly the lights and noises begin and we head off.

I hope I will get a better chance next time. 



  1. It must be tempting to one day just let him eat one.

    Comment by metcountymounty — May 30, 2008 @ 1:16 pm

  2. Thisend:

    Please post again soon. Waiting with bated breath for your next story. I love your writing.


    Comment by Lucinda Bendavid — June 25, 2008 @ 2:52 am

  3. I’ve only just discovered thisendbites rather than whichend…

    Very impressed mate.

    Comment by Area Trace No Search — August 7, 2008 @ 1:30 pm

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