This End Bites

August 8, 2008

Late night shopping

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MHM talks into his radio. The sound of the human voice inside makes it seem urgent. MHM speaks quickly, the van accelerates away. After a few moments MHM turns off the lights and I hear the reassuring click that tells me the hatch is open. I will be going out of the window, soon, I must try not to smash the side of his head again, he was not pleased last time.

The van turns a corner, MHM cuts the engine and opens the window. I see dark shapes, human shapes, run from the front of the shop. I don’t need MHM to shout but he does anyway. I am out, like lightning, I am quicker than the dark shapes.

I can hear footsteps running behind me, those of MHM who cannot keep up. The dark shapes are humans. They cannot outrun me. They look and see me. They stop in a doorway. I hear MHM shout from behind me.

One of the three tries to get past me, waves his hand at my face. He will not try that again.

The three remain, MHM approaches, they shout and threaten him. The one with the sore hand now has a sore leg. He will not do that again.

I keep the three in the doorway. MHM shouts at them.

Friends of MHM arrive and take the three away. We go to the shop. It is how you humans say, closed. They should have waited till the morning, they have special offers.

Two bites for the price of one………….sorted.


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