This End Bites

October 16, 2008

Humans are different.

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This thing MHM calls the radio is noisy this evening. We are on the way somewhere, fast, yet again. The van swings this way and that, it is an effort to stand up. We stop. MHM gets out to speak. The voices are excited.

There is nothing for me here, again. We leave in a hurry. 

Soon we are on foot, walkabout. Now we are both hunting. Both listening. MHM is deaf, compared to me. We walk, we lurk in the shadows. We wait and then move on. Then we are back into the van and off towards something else.

After a while, after more throwing about in the back of the van, we stop. Quickly, silently. MHM tells me to be quiet yet he is the noisy one. We are out. The doors are silently closed and then we are running. We stop. MHM speaks quietly into this radio. None of the shouting or excited blabberings I can normally hear from the small piece in his ear. He doesn’t want me to hear but I can still make out the sound of voices from his ear. Are these the voices in his head?

We are off again, running through lanes until we reach the brighter area where the humans live in their dens. We stop. I can hear noises and begin to pull towards the noises. MHM follows. There are humans nearby. I can hear then. They are doing something. As we get nearer I can hear them breathing heavily as through they are labouring. I can smell their sweat carried on the breeze towards me.

We will strike but again we stop. Other noises of the pack are approaching. How can they hunt effectively with all this noise.

MHM  unclips the lead and grabs hold of my collar. I know we are close, my senses tell me. I can hear the voices, there are two they are male. One of them has marked the lane were in a short time before. This must be his territory.

MHM runs out from the shadows of the local fauna. An ambush from the trees is always a good method to catch your prey. He shouts, which is never a good way to catch your prey, before letting me go. There are two. One is holding something large, which he drops to the ground and it bounces and begins to roll away. I allow it to escape, I have other things on my mind.

I shout at the two, they seem frightened and confused. They don’t know what to do and back off slowly with their arms in the air. I continue to shout and drive them backwards against a wall. Now MHM is shouting as well. They fall to their knees, still with their arms held up. They have submitted. Two against two, the odds are even. I sense their apprehension. They look at me and look at each other. They are looking for reassurance from each other, they know not what to do. 

Others in the pack of MHM arrive, noisily. They pull away the two and restrain them. The two now want to struggle and threaten, even when the odds are against them. Why did they not try this when the odds were even but leave it until they outnumbered?

I am unable to respond to their threats. They seem to know I cannot get to them.

If they were dogs, I would show them I would not tolerate this sort of threat against me. But they are not.

Humans are a little different.


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