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May 1, 2008

I am ready.

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It is now official. I have passed. I am now a warrior. Together we are a team, MHM tells me this.

Together we will make things better. Together we will hunt, we will track down our prey, they will fear us, we will be formidable.

We have done the things we need to do to get what MHM calls the ticks in boxes. We have ticked all the right boxes. 

MHM has visited the places where lots of people he knows are located. He has told them about what I can do. He has told them about what we can do together. We are a team. We will do well. I am a hunter, but now I am a warrior.

We are a team but we are part of their team. I do not understand this, yet. MHM tells me that these others will let him know when we are needed, when I am needed to do what MHM calls ‘my stuff’.

I am ready.


April 9, 2008

Warrior School.

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Warrior School is a tough place.

I have learned fast, I have to if I want to be the best.

I have learned that MHM wants me to hunt for him. I must hunt to find his prey. I can bring the prey down but we do not kill it. I still find this to be unusual. Why hunt but not kill ? These are the skills I was blessed with. These are the skills handed down to me.

You humans have lost the skills to hunt. Things are too easy for you. You have become soft, complacent. This is a big word for a dog. You do not need the skills you once had because your lives have become soft, easy and comfortable. You do not need to catch your food. I do not have to catch my food, I could and I could do it well, but MHM brings my food. I respect him. Itis a shame that you humans do not have the same respect for each other that I have for MHM.

I have learned that I can hunt the prey by following their scent on the ground. I can also hunt them by their scent being blown on the air.

I have shown I can defend myself when other humans threaten me and can bring them down when they run off to escape. These are the easy parts of warrior training for me. I am a natural, apparently. I don’t know what this means.

I find the things that MHM calls the pretty stuff hardest. This is boring, no hunting at all. The others do this well but I want to hunt, I want to chase.

We have been to a place that MHM calls a school. Itis full of small and immature humans. They act like they are dominant but the adult humans at the school do not punish their disrespect. We canines learn through play, we learn what is right and wrong. Trust me, you do not want to be wrong. You humans do things dfferently, your rules constantly change. No wonder your small humans are confused. They do not know how to behave.  Within this place known as a school some of the larger of the small humans show obvious signs of disrespect and bully the smaller humans. They do this in groups because they are not confident. This was a test to see how I behaved. I did well, I did not bite any of these small humans. Some of them needed this, they have no behavioural boundaries, they need to know their place and show respect. Unless they are taught how will they learn. What sort of humans will they become.

We have been to places where there were lots of adult humans. They walk fast, with purpose, but do not look around, do not look at each other, not even at me. I don’t know who has this territory, there are no obvious alphas but these people just kept on coming. The Alphas must not be territorial. There are more humans that I have ever seen before. These were places where buses and trains come according to MHM. They were very loud and dirty. They belched dark smoke like monsters. These monsters did not scare me. MHM was pleased.

The next few weeks will be tough according to MHM. This is when I must learn to respond to him quickly. I sense that the games are over. Now we will be playing, for real. 

April 3, 2008

The big test.

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It seems I am to be allowed to join warrior school. There is talk of a course. This is a challenge.

MHM is going to make me into a warrior, to hunt by his side, to catch desperate and bad people. This is a good image I have and it makes it easier to understand. I am also confused because I will hunt for good people, for those who are lost and are weak. In my world these lost and weak would not survive. I must hunt for them so they can survive.

MHM is going to teach me what I have to do, teach me what I need to know to be a warrior. I will be able to hunt for him. I will be able to hunt with him using my skills.

I have heard him talk to the one known as ‘the boss’. He has told this ‘boss’ that I can be a warrior, how I can hunt, how I protect myself and how I respect MHM.

MHM has respect for the one known as ‘boss’. I have seen this ‘boss’ and he does not have the hands of a warrior or a hunter. He is well groomed and smells like a stranger. He has no status yet is respected by other humans at the big den. You humans have strange rituals. As canines you have to earn your respect and status. You win it and you keep it, end of chat.

It will not be easy. I cannot yet understand how I am allowed to hunt but am not allowed to kill the things I hunt.  I cannot yet understand that I can attack those who threaten me, who threaten MHM or other humans but I must not attack others who offer threats that are false. I can bring down those who run away that MHM cannot catch. This is what I like best of all.

I am a hunter, a warrior, this is what I was born to do.  

But as you humans would say, “wish me luck”.

April 1, 2008

Important new rules.

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MHM has been teaching me new things.

I have new rules that must be strictly obeyed. If I fail to obey he chastises me. This is not nice. He does not try to hurt me like the Alphas but I just know when MHM is not happy with me. If I obey I get to ‘play’ as MHM calls it. I call it killing. If I learn quickly I get to do this and I like it. I do not like it when MHM is not happy with me, I like to please him, he is always pleased with what I do. He is patient and always explains things to me so I understand.

Today we have been hunting again. I like this. I can follow a scent on the ground. I am able to distinguish this from other scents, I follow it but MHM holds onto a piece of rope fastened to some straps around my body. When I follow the scent I always find some sacking, folded up like the size of a rabbit, I can kill this, I always do. This is great, this is what I was born to do.

We also did another sort of hunting, for other humans. MHM talks to them and they go off to hide. MHM shouts and then sends me to find them. I always do. This is easy. I cannot kill them, although I have hunted them. I must shout to tell MHM I have found them. He doesn’t kill them either, he also shouts at them, we both shout at them. Then the human throws me a ball which I like to chew on before we play the chase game with it. This is great fun.

Also MHM gets other humans to threaten me. I can tell this because of the looks on their faces. I warn them but they still threaten me. I try to bite them to show them I am the warrior who they should not disrespect but MHM does not allow me to get close enough. This is frustrating. I think this might be some sort of test.

Sometimes MHM lets me bite the humans after they threaten me. Sometimes MHM lets me chase and drag down the humans who run away because he cannot catch them. This is the thing I like the best. I cannot kill them but just hold them until MHM gets there and then I must let them go. I watch in case they try to run away again. This I really, really like.

We do this sort of this everyday. I know I will like it here. I am a warrior. I will prove myself one day.

I have heard MHM talking into his hand. I have pleased him. He wants to make a warrior out of me, I have what it takes. He has to get something signed. I will never see the Alphas again. That is good. I have some more, harder tests ahead of me.

I will be a warrior.

March 28, 2008

My New Human Master.

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This stranger who took me from the Alphas has taken me to a new place. A place full of beasts, in the other dens on each side of me there are other canines who continually challenge me, I must be strong. It seems that this pack is full of hard cases. I must prove myself. This is warrior school. There is no place here for weak and cowardly canines.

Already we have been out into the wild countryside, I have been asked to show how I can hunt. It-is difficult but I am learning quickly. My new human master is pleased with what I can do. He tells me. I just know we are going to get on.

The beast I met when I was taken from my old pack is not as I first feared. He is an old, experienced warrior. I will learn things from him. I must know my place, until I have proved myself. He has told that it will be fine but never, ever take his food. Never, ever think about taking his food. He will be very unhappy about these things. He has signs of battle, he is a formidable beast. I have respect for his status within this new pack.

Right now I am showing how I can hunt on the ground following the scent of humans as well as searching for humans by following their scent on the wind. I cannot kill, but I can hunt. This is good, apparently. At last I can do what I am told to do from within, what drives me from inside, in my mind. This is why I am here, to be a hunter, a warrior, to serve my new human master.

I’ve heard the jangle noise that means we are going out to hunt again. I think I am going to like this, a lot. I am learning fast, I have to.

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